How to say sorry?

How Do You Say Sorry Successfully?

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Did President George H. W. Bush Say Sorry Successfully?

What do you think of this news which trended on Facebook four days ago?

USA Today reported Former President George H. W. Bush apologised for touching a 16-year-old girl inappropriately in November 2003. Sadly, since October 24th, she’d been the sixth woman to accuse the former president of doing this during a photo session.

I rarely check the trending news, because most of it’s not positive. However, this post got my attention. For two days before I saw it, I researched how to say sorry as I prepare to publish Part 4 of my series ‘10 Ways to Loving & Living to your Fullest‘.

A successful apology can soothe stressed relationships and ease your own mind.

Is the former President’s apology a good example of how to say sorry?

Did Dr Michelle Bengtson Say Sorry Successfully?

Soon after the report about President George H. W. Bush, author and blogger, Dr. Michelle Bengtson, published this:

‘I Failed You, Please Forgive Me.’

She asks us to forgive her – as an experienced mental health professional and a Christian leader in the church – for unintentionally failing to meet the needs of people suffering from depression.

What do you think of Dr Bengtson’s:

  • Detailed apology?

  • Explanation for her apology after personal experience with depression?

  • Action now to do all she knows to best help those who develop depression?

How Can You and I Say Sorry Successfully?

Find out more about saying sorry and other ways to get over your past and live fully now in my coming article: Part 4 of my introductory blog series.

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Tell us, in the comment section below, what stands out about apologies you’ve received or about your experience saying sorry!


How will, or are, you using this to be loving and living to your fullest :)