Loving to Your Fullest

10 Ways to Loving & Living to Your Fullest Right Now – Part 2

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LOVING TO YOUR FULLEST with unconditional love

Part 1 of this series focused on:


…for the best…to be your best.



your best in your situation.




Who loves you just the way you are?

The One who made you does!
Yes! You’re loved incredibly,  just as you are.

You’re loved by our Maker – because of His goodness, not based on what you’ve done, but what He’s done.

Since earlier this year, I’ve claimed Gavin Mikhail’s cover of “Just the Way You Are” as a love song from the One who made me. God’s always faithfully provided for me, especially through the toughest of times in my life – better than anyone on this earth could.

Do you want to know more about God‘s redeeming love, His gift of life forever?

I care about youtoo. I love you, my neighbour living “beside” me in this world! Your life counts!

Choose to accept unconditional love which has nothing to do with what you’ve done.



Love your neighbour as yourself

Do you love your neighbours to your fullest – especially those dearest and closest to you? Do you love them with this unconditional love that has nothing to do with their actions? Love without quitting. Love never fails!

Choose to love others the best way you can….in the ways which mean the most to them: using the best words, actions and touch.


Take care of yourself

Do you take good care of yourself, living and loving to your fullest, healthy and balanced in all areas of life?


Are you taking steps to living and loving to your fullest forever?


Are you choosing contact with – and loving to your fullest – your family, friends, colleagues and ‘neighbours’ that you share this world with? Do you make reasonable effort to bless your ‘neighbours’ and those who’ll come after us by caring for your environment?

Emotional and mental

Are you enjoying your life, with time for fun and laughs? Are you facing and conquering things that affect you negatively? How much are these limiting you from loving and living to your fullest?

  • Grief over lost or failed relationships perhaps due to abuse, abandonment, separation or death?
  • Addiction to alcohol, nicotine, other drugs, self-harm, self-injury or overeating?
  • Anxiety and depression?
  • Frustration?
  • Anger?
  • Fear?

In coming posts, you’ll hear about things that kept me awake all night, sent me into panic attacks and even hiding under my desk at work…and what spiders taught me about success.


Do you eat and drink well, exercise, rest and sleep adequately and manage anything that can affect these (and your other areas of health)?

My chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia (including bilateral carpal tunnel symptoms) have improved with rest, aerobic exercise, core strengthening and stretches. I’ll share more about this in coming posts.


Do you make time to stretch your mind through observation, watching, listening, interacting with others, reading and writing?


How do you use your time and resources to give to our world, supporting yourself and others financially and/or in other ways?

So much to balance!

What are your priorities?

Do you have a system to work out what’s most important? More about this in Part 5 of this series of blog posts 🙂



Choose to be loved as you are, and do the same for others. Love is forever. Love forever!

Coming up in Parts 3 to 5 of this series: Six more ways to loving and living to your fullest, whatever your circumstances…

May you be blessed, loving and living beyond your wildest dreams!

Tell us in the comments what you choose to do differently now.

11 thoughts on “10 Ways to Loving & Living to Your Fullest Right Now – Part 2

    1. Hi Nancy! That’s great you liked the specific questions. I agree – it’s easy to forget how to take care of ourselves. That’s why I’ve been asking myself similar questions most days for the last 18 months, updating as I go. Now I’ve listed these on an A4 sheet (with a little space for journalling) which I print on the back of my own self-printed daily diary page. I’ll be talking more about this – initially in Part 5 of this series 🙂

  1. Great post Colleen! I suffer a lot from severe pain, and I find my attitude makes a huge difference in how I handle it. If I try to see the hope and be positive, it’s tremendously better than when I allow myself to get down and out. Thanks for sharing these words of encouragement.

  2. Thanks, very encouraging and timely reminder to ask myself the important God oriented questions in stressful times….God bless your blogging and those who read it?❣️

How will, or are, you using this to be loving and living to your fullest :)