10 Ways to Loving & Living to Your Fullest Right Now – Part 1

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Are you loving and living to your fullest?
Sadly, too many of us aren’t according to statistics.
How can you be confident of loving and living to your fullest?

Discover 10 ways to loving and living to your fullest whether you’re:

  • Diagnosed with terminal illness
  • Attacked unfairly.
  • Abandoned.

Begin loving and living to your fullest right now with these first two suggestions below. More to come in my next blog posts!


1. DARE to HOPE 

First, dare to hope, whatever happens in your life – no matter how stretched you feel.
Dare to see yourself at your best, and be your best – whatever is happening.

Do you see the “Hope in Front of Me” Danny Gokey sings of?

Come and meet some who dared to hope in dark places.



Despite the difficulties

Second, choose to truly live despite difficult circumstances in your life.

Kara Tippetts began blogging in 2012. Soon after she faced a diagnosis of breast cancer. Kara dealt with her diagnosis and treatment in her blog, Mundane Faithfulness, four books and public speeches over the next three years.

Kara chose to truly live despite the pain, suffering and crushing reality of her death in 2015. She saw God has purpose in suffering; beauty and grace exist despite hard things like cancer, suffering and death. On her request, a friend continues her blog with a supportive team.


Ask for help

After the birth of our two beautiful children, in an often fragile marriage, my chronic fatigue increased – as did my anger for several years. Occasionally I drove too fast, not caring for fleeting brief periods. It’s hard to admit I took such risks.

I thank God, my wonderful friends and health professionals I called on – especially when I felt overwhelmed and unable to go on. Finally, a caring herbalist diagnosed a hormonal imbalance. My anger calmed with supplements and teas, despite our failing marriage and my deteriorating health. Now, 10 years later, anger rarely flares in my life.


Don’t give up

Keep asking for help when you have problems you can’t get on top of. Your problems may seem never-ending, but there are solutions. An answer could be closer than you imagine.

If you feel down, overwhelmed, or don’t want to live, contact someone who can help now. Make a safety plan and stay well.

In Australia if you, or anyone you know, is suffering from depression call:

Don’t leave this world without sharing all your beauty and richness.

Sadly some reach a hopeless place and choose not to go on. Over the last months, I’ve known too many who decided not to live. One slightly younger friend, from our children’s playgroup days, didn’t share the extent of her hopelessness with her close network of family and friends till it was too late.

My friend’s death continues to sadden me deeply. I feel for her, her family and all who’ve been through similar pain. This fuels my desire to do what I believe I should now – share these words of hope.



Join me on a journey to find our place in this world, loving and living to our fullest; being our best together…forever.

Choose living to your fullest in your situation.

Read the next four suggestions in Loving & Living To Your Fullest – Part 2 and Part 3.  Want to know all ten suggestions? Leave your email address below to receive this 5 post series and related posts. 🙂

How will you dare to hope and choose living to your fullest right now?

Let us know, in the comments below.

21 thoughts on “10 Ways to Loving & Living to Your Fullest Right Now – Part 1

    1. Thanks, Tomya! You’re right – publishing on my blog is a huge goal realised, though I’m still not sure exactly how to manage the website technically – learning little by little. 🙂

  1. Seems prettyloving and good, not too preachy, will show to my friend with brain cancer and see what she thinks…

  2. Thank you for your wise words. I know someone who committed suicide. Yes, it’s hard when people give up instead of reaching out for help… Anyways, you’re right when we have problems we need to share and ask for help and not let go of hope… Another thing that helps me is to give thanks to God

  3. Being thankful is a test at times. It’s so easy to forget that even when things are bad, it COULD get worse. I have a roof over my head. I have decent clothes. A comfortable bed. An awesome truck to get me where I need and want to go. I may be broke, but my bills are paid, and there’s a few groceries in the kitchen. I can dress myself, and I can wipe my own rear. Don’t think all those are important? Try living without them for a couple of days – no fun!!! Your blog is so very helpful, and a terrific reminder of what I should be doing, thinking, and passing along.

    1. Hi Marsha! You’re right! Being thankful is a test at times! That’s why I schedule regular times in my day to be thankful; and spend a few minutes journalling each night, including what I’m thankful for – as I encourage you to do in the Thank You Guide.

      I’m glad my blog is helpful to you. And I’m thankful if you’re helped in all you want to do, think and pass on!

  4. These are some great suggestions. Thanks for sharing. I like the resources too, especially Kara Tippet’s blog and story. Thanks Colleen!

How will, or are, you using this to be loving and living to your fullest :)