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Hi! I’m Colleen Golafshan. Welcome from sunny Sydney. Thanks for visiting Loving & Living to Your Fullest! 🙂

You’ve been on my mind and in my prayers, even if we haven’t met. I care about you. You matter…to me…and to the One who made us all. Your life matters!

Join me on my journey, being the best neighbour I can to all of you living “beside” me in this world – whether as a friend, mum, daughter, sister, teacher or (physical) therapist. Let’s love and live to our fullest – be our best together!

Are you dreaming of a better life?
What’s the best life you can imagine?
Dare to dream….big and boldly.

Dare to do the things you enjoy and are passionate about.

Dare to enjoy the things you do, noticing the details, thankful at all times…for everything and everyone. Dare to smile and laugh…often.

Dare to show your love to those you cherish in the best way you can….the ways that mean the most to them: using the best words, actions and touch.

Dare to open your mind – to challenge how you see yourself, others and all that’s around you…to recognise negative thoughts and behaviours holding you back from all you can do.

Dare to choose loving and living your life to the fullest.  Live abundantly…our best together forever.

Start your plan for loving and living to your fullest with thanks, unconditional love and forgiveness. Our world will be a better, brighter place…together!


About Me: Colleen Golafshan

I began writing for fun, and to share, soon after learning to read.  As a teenager and the eldest of six children, I enjoyed cooking for our clan, crafts and reading when possible.  I taught Bible classes and most of my work since then has involved teaching.

For 13 years, until our eldest was born, I worked as a physiotherapist (physical therapist), mostly in rehabilitation.

Over the next 15 years, I home educated our two children, while researching and working in family businesses. This included writing HIStory resources; some I plan to include on this site. Please forgive me if you’re a home educator affected by my unfulfilled plans to publish these 10 years ago.

In March 2016, I completed a Certificate IV in massage therapy practice while helping home educate a friend’s child part-time.

During this time my chronic fatigue developed into fibromyalgia. My hands are most affected by joint and nerve problems. Lifestyle changes such as rest, exercise and dietary changes have reduced symptoms. I’m thankful I avoided surgery this year for previously severe (left) and moderate (right) carpal tunnel syndrome.

Now I write to fulfil my dream – to pass on what I’ve learnt, am learning, to help in loving and living to our fullest…together…forever.

Thanks to God for what He allowed and allows in my life: many blessings and some trials – including abandonment, sexual abuse, loneliness as a teenager, loss of my younger brother and father, separation and divorce from my husband and other health issues.



Come and join me as we journey through this world. I publishing new writing on this site once or twice a month as I learn how to set up the website. I hope to publish more regularly with regular email updates when the site is ready to launch, though health issues can slow me down physically and mentally.

Follow my blog posts to plan & start Loving & Living To Your Fullest now. Let’s be our best together!

Leave your email if you want updates when I publish.

How will you dare to live your life more fully?

Please tell us in the comments below.

Take care,

Colleen Golafshan


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